Arbi colocasia (अर्बी कोलोकैसिया)

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Colocasia is light-brown in colour tuberous vegetable. It comes from family Colocasieae. Botanical name for Colocasia is Colocasia esculenta and commonly known as aluki or arbi in Hindi. This vegetable is available all across the country. In many parts its leaves are also cooked and chomped.
Nutritional Contents:
•    Vitamins C, K and Vit. B9
•    Minerals
–    Magnesium
–    Manganese
–    Copper
–    Iron
–    Potassium
•    Carbohydrates
–    Dietary Fiber
–    Sugar
•    Low Protein
•    Low Fat
Colocasia is seasonal vegetable. Dietary intake of this vegetable decreases blood pressure and so the risk of hypertension. It regulates cardiac system efficiently. It also serves as anti-oxidants. This helps in keeping the body away from infections and diseases as well as checks the immunity.
Consumption Methods:
•    Boiled
•    Roasted
•    Cooked with other vegetables
•    Soup
•    Pudding

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