Cabbage (पत्तागोभी)

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Cabbage is green, leafy and annual vegetable which belongs to family Brassicaceae. Its botanical name is Brassica oleracea and commonly known as patta-gobhi in Hindi. It is round in shape and available in most part of the country.
Rich Nutritional Content:
•    Vitamins C and K
–    Other Vitamins like Thiamine, Niacin, Pentothenic acid and others are also present in small quantity.
•    Minerals
–    Calcium
–    Iron
–    Sodium
–    Magnesium
•    Carbohydrates
•    Low Fat
•    Low Cholesterol
•    Dietary Fibre

The vegetable is of great health importance if consumed in proper manner. Cauliflower must be washed thoroughly before cooking. It lowers the hazards of cancer in people, indorses bone metabolism and helps in curing Alzheimer’s disease. Cabbage with dark-green leaves is most beneficial for health.
Consumption Ways:
•    Boiled
•    Raw
•    Salad
•    Boiled with Rice


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