Capsicum Green (शिमला मिर्च हरा)

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Capsicum is originally  found in green colour. Size may vary from small to mediocre in elliptical shape. It belongs to family Solanaceae. In India it is called as Capsicum and ‘simla mirch’ in some parts of the country. The vegetable can be easily found across the country.
It is rich in-
•    Vitamins – especially Vitamin C (404%).
–    It also contains Vit. D, B6 and Vit. B complex.
•    Mineral like
–    Potassium
–    Iron
–    Manganese
–    Zinc
Dietary intake of Capsicum results in rashes-and-pimples-free skin. It can be taken raw as in salad, in sandwiches and can even be cooked in tomato gravy. Green Capsicum is not hot-and-spicy in taste. The vegetable contains zero fat, zero cholesterol and low carbohydrate. Consequently, it is prized for health-conscious folks.


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