Cauliflower (फूलगोभी)

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Cauliflower is of white-curd colour surrounded by green leaves. It belongs to family Brassicaceae. Botanical name of Cauliflower is Brassica oleracea and commonly known as gobhi in Hindi. It is an annual vegetable and is found in most of the parts in the country. Only head part is edible.
Rich Nutritional Content:
•    Vitamins – Vit. C and K in high content
–    Vit. B6, B5, B2, andB1  are also present
•    Folate
•    Choline
•    Fiber
•    Minerals
–    Potassium
–    Mangenese
–    Magnesium
•    Tryptophan
Cauliflower if consumed without or no spices can help maintaining immune system. It works as antioxidants which help fighting diseases. Moreover it prevents cancer and decreases inflammation in the body.
Ways of Consumption:
•    Soup
•    Boil with Rice
•    Swallow fry with less oil (preferably olive oil)


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