Green Peas (मटर)


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Peas are small round vegetable enclosed in green leaf-like cover called pod. In each peapod there are 4 to 5 peas. The vegetable belongs to family Fabaceae and botanically it is a fruit and its name is Pisum sativum but called matar in Hindi. Peas are famous all across India and are seasonal vegetable.
Nutritional Benefits:
•    Vitamin C , B¬6 and Vit. K
•    Minerals
–    Calcium
–    Magnesium
–    Iron
–    Manganese
•    Carbohydrate
•    Dietary Fiber
•    Protein
•    Zero Cholesterol
•    Zero Fat
Peas are small yet with vast benefits. Its dietary fiber helps regulating metabolism of the body. Immune system remains healthy and fights infection and diseases. Cardiac problem remain under check. Boiled pea is favourable for weight-conscious people.
Consumption Methods:
•    Boiled
•    Salad
•    Cooked with other vegetables
•    Sauté with onion and oil


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