Potato (आलू)

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Potato is of off-white or light-brown colour tuberous vegetable. It is found throughout year and belongs to family Solanaceae. Botanical name for Potato is Solanum tuberosum and commonly known as aaloo in Hindi. This is a famous and most-wanted vegetable in India.
Nutritional Content:
•    Vitamin A and C
•    Minerals
–    Phosphorus
–    Iron
–    Calcium
–    Magnesium
–    Potassium
–    Sodium
•    Carbohydrates
–    Starch
–    Sugar
•    Dietary Fiber
•    Low Protein
•    Zero Cholesterol
Potato is the only vegetable which can be consumed along with other vegetables and in various forms. The vegetable is highly beneficial for dieting purpose if consumed boiled or baked. Diseases like cancer or colon-related can be prevented. Its dietary intake provides healthy immune system.
Consumption Methods:
•    Baked
•    Boiled
•    Mashed
•    Cooked with green leafy vegetables
•    With salad


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