Raddish (सफ़ेद मूली)

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Radish is white cone-shaped vegetable which is grown under the ground and is a root. It belongs to family Brassicaceae. Botanical name for radish is Rephanus sativus and commonly known as muli in Hindi. This vegetable is present in abundance in India and is easily available across the country. Muli is quite piquant in taste.
Nutritional Content:
•    Rich in Vitamin C
–    Other vitamins are present in small extent
•    Minerals
–    Iron
–    Calcium
–    Magnesium
•    Carbohydrates
–    Dietary Fiber
–    Sugar
•    Zero Fat
There is great health significant of this vegetable. Its remedies work as medicines and cure many diseases. It serves as antioxidants and protects from infections and allergies. Dietary intake checks the function of thyroids and hormones.
Consumption Methods:
•    Raw
•    Salad
•    Soup
•    Sauté with oil
•    Shallow fry the leaves.


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